Accounting offices who offer integrations?

Automation to accounting is the key

Serving the customer is all possible ways, is a key also for an accounting office to be succesfull. Many times the accountant or bookkeeper needs to think for the customer and suggest better ways to handle tasks, so that the customer's business can become more effective.

Integrations and automation are really something that will help you to serve your customers better. Integrations might be from time to time quite complex, but we help you to simplify the automation ideas so that you can help your customers.

Our accounting partners about our integrations


Software compatibility is a must when providing comprehensive and high quality accounting service.

- Samuli Saviala, CEO, Accounting office EMU


A solution where integration is produced and offered based on customer needs, makes automatization and integrations easy, modern and efficient.

- Lauri Lehtonen, CTO, Finago

Better and faster service

Automated data transfers enable fast and reliable processes for repetitive tasks. Integration removes unnecessary manual work and eliminates eg. typos.

Offering value and fast ROI 

Activating automation is a straight-forward thing and we're here to help you. Our service offers instant value and pays itself back in no time. 

Support and flexible pricing

Integrations haven't really been offered as service before. But now, the automation and its pricing can be flexible and fit the needs of all companies, from small companies to medium-sized and all the way to enterprises.


Success is achieved by working together. We've prepared tools, materials, trainings, guides and campaigns whicih we can use together to get the maximum of the cooperation.

Better service

With us, you can offer your customers better and more comprehensive service.


We'll be promoting you and the integrations too. More reach and sales for you and us. Perfect!

Sales & customer support

If your team or your customers have any questions about integrations, we'll be there for you.


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