Magento Integrations

Flashnode is offering straight-forward integrations also here. We help SMEs and bigger companies by automating processes that involve repetititive manual work and are error prone.

Flashnode has developed the compatibility with this software together with the provider, customers and related professionals.

Where as integrations used to be only for big companies with unlimited resources, our pricing brings the integration available for SMEs too. Check out our pricing or contact us directly.

Key figures:

  • Software: Magento
  • Provider: Magento Commerce Ltd.
  • Software type: eCommerce
  • Link:

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eCommerce integrations to go

If you're an eCommerce merchant, you'll know that the list of tasks, you need to take care of, is long. Your store can probably do a lot by itself and different modules help you to get payments from customers and send tracking codes to them.

If you want to help yourself out, you should consider integrations with accounting and perhaps CRM. Faster and more reliable processes will save you time and money.

Getting started with automation

You're already on the right track as you are here at reading about integrations and automation! Excellent. The next, and the hardest(?), step is to contact us. Don't worry, we won't bite and we're not pushing you to anything that wouldn't help you. We offer you our integrations only if you really benefit from them.

Just hit a button below or give us a call. We are there to help you!

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