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Sync your orders and you will always be up-to-date with your sales - and so does your accountant. When customer is placing an order, product lines and basic data about the customer is transferred. It allows you to send bills successfully without additional clicking.

Supported apps

Stock Balance

Sync your stock balances and you and your customer will always be up-to-date what there is at the store. Our integration makes your inventory automatically, so you don't have to. With automatically updated inventory you avoid overselling and unhappy customers and save your time.

Supported apps

Order status

When order status is updated automatically you and your customer are able to follow the order from the favourite platform, even when there is outsourced stock system.

Supported apps

Easy & straight-forward integrations from €49/month.
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Perfect tools get to shine when they get perfectly along. Flashnode integrations make sure your favorite apps get along.

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We think everyone should get their tools working together seamlessly. That’s why our integrations are inexpensive and easy to set-up so that anyone can use them.

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Become the King of your working days and let the integrations do the dirty manual work. Automation releases your hands and brains on more productive things.

Integration makes sure that orders are forwarded automatically without us having to follow up them.

– Karlo Koskitanner, Mukama

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