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Sync your orders and you will always be up-to-date with your sales - and so does your accountant. When customer is placing an order, product lines and basic data about the customer is transferred. It allows you to send bills successfully without additional clicking.

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  • Trust Kapital

The low-cost, high-efficiency integrations created with small businesses in mind.

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Perfect tools get to shine when they get perfectly along. Flashnode integrations make sure your favorite apps get along.

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We think everyone should get their tools working together seamlessly. That’s why our integrations are inexpensive and easy to set-up so that anyone can use them.

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Become the King of your working days and let the integrations do the dirty manual work. Automation releases your hands and brains on more productive things.

To us integrations are a must. We need to have up-to-date information in our apps to react faster and to do more accurate estimations.

– Heidi Kuusava, Head of finance and HR, Finlandia Hall

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We used to run our invoicing through excel which caused a lot of extra work and harm, especially for our salesmen. With Flashnode invoicing now runs smoothly, anyone can take care of it and there are less errors.

– Maija Tillander, Rema Partners

Generating invoices manually used to take a ridiculous amount of time. Now that our invoicing is automated, it’s much more efficient and less error-prone.

– Satu Grönroos, Weblandia

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