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In B2B, efficiency is everything

Contacting, consulting, following up, making offers and sealing deals should all be parts of a usual day in the B2B world. Unfortunately, in many cases, there are also tasks like "enter customer name to system X and Y", "copy-paste billing address from system A to system B". It gets frustrating.

If you are handling the following of your tasks manually, then we should have a chat and see what things could be handled automatically for you:

Copy-paste order/customer information

Handling clear, repetitive tasks is a perfect job for an integration bot. Taking information from your CRM and bringing it to the accounting is something you shouldn't be doing manually.

Checking order/deal statuses from another system

After closing a deal in your CRM, you definitely want to keep updated on its progress. Integration can get you the necessary information about the orders from other systems so that you'll have all the information you need in one place.


To us, integrations are an absolute must. We need to have up-to-date information in our apps in order to react faster and do more accurate estimations.

- Heidi Kuusava, Talous- ja henkilöstöpäällikkö, Finlandia-talo

Maija Tillander Rema Partners integrations

We used to run our invoicing through Excel, which caused a lot of extra work and harm, especially for our salesmen. With Flashnode, invoicing now runs smoothly, anyone can take care of it, and there are less errors.

- Maija Tillander, Rema Partners

Add more efficiency to your sales team and business

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Growing Sales Team

For growing ambitious teams, we offer simple CRM integrations that help you streamline your processes – giving you the chance to concentrate on closing those deals!

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Established business

The pre-defined connections to various CRM platforms are ready to be configured and customised for your needs. Let's free up some additional time for your salespeople to make more room for what matters: deals.

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