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A day in the life of an eCommerce merchant can consist of an endless number of tasks. Fortunately, however, a large part of the many tasks that consume time and money can be automated. Intelligent integration also ensures that you get rid of all the typos and other errors that tend to happen when people enter information from one system to another.

Anette Gustafsson

Never will I have to manually enter 80 invoices a day again! Flashnode’s solution helped us get rid of manual work, as now our invoices are generated automatically.

- Anette Gustafsson, Logistic coordinator, FinnFlame

Mia Puuska

The entire sales cycle is now faster, as integration takes the new products automatically online from our ERP-software.

- Mia Puuska, COO, Kiekkobussi

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Entering eCommerce orders into your accounting

One of the biggest time killers for eCommerce businesses is transferring their order data into their accounting system. However, it is often the most neglected process of the whole business. Labeled as bookkeeping, this is being dropped into the lap of the accountant but even for a professional, it means plenty of manual labour. Employing an automated integration frees up a large portion of time and budget which you can use to grow your business.

Managing product details

Depending on the business, companies can find themselves adding, changing and removing products on a daily or weekly basis. A single source of information is crucial for this. From there on, the data can be transferred into other software automatically, for example making sure that your webshop and POS systems always show the price for an item.

Updating inventory numbers

As visualised in the video above, up-to-date inventory numbers are crucial for any business selling across multiple channels. Not solely omnichannel businesses but any business using an ERP or centralised accounting system to manage their inventories benefit from stock balance integrations. Similar to the order data, whenever new batches arrive, they could be transferred automatically instead of tediously.  

Syncing the fulfilment status

In some cases, the sales process requires multiple touch points after actually making the sale. Hence, updating the fulfilment status allows all team members to access the same information on a specific customer or order regardless of which system they are mainly using.

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