Flashnode for
accounting companies

Flashnode for Accounting Companies

We help almost 50 accounting firms with our integration partnership. The cornerstone of the co-operation is the customers’ comprehensive service and the software compatibility between the accounting firm and Flashnode. The goal is to improve the financial management of SMEs and to make it even more real-time and trouble free.

Compatibility is a must

Software compatibility is a must when providing comprehensive and high quality accounting service.

– Samuli Saviala, Accounting EMU

Here's how we can help

for data transfers

Flashnode offers integrations to connect the most common SaaS-apps, making data flow automatically. Our integrations are easily set-up and inexpensive to use, with a small price tag starting from €49/month.


Always up-to-date

Automated data flow guarantees real-time data between business apps. You as an accountant as well as the entrepreneur can enjoy the lightened workload and have more time for analyzing and developing.

Service that matters

While integrations are managing the large part of daily tasks, you may focus on providing additional services for your customers’ best interest. Automated Financial Management enables the development of your and customer’s business.

Deeper customer relationship

Making sure your customers’ work days run smoother with automated real-time data, your accounting service appears even better. We help our accounting partners in understanding their customers better and provide tools for mapping their processes.

Great news for sales

At the sales situation Flashnode´s fireproof integrations show their claws and bring the sales home. We make it possible to offer the best solutions for customers’ business processes, which makes your service look even more appealing. We offer a toolkit to support the sales partner of the accounting firm.

Support for the app compatibility

When integrations for the most popular SaaS-apps are available from one partner it is easy to find solutions and support for your needs. As a service provider, we take care of the whole integration, which makes our service risk-free and easy.

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Integration service in a customer friendly way

A solution where integration is produced and offered based on customer needs, makes automatization and integrations easy, modern and efficient.

– Lauri Lehtonen, CTO, Procountor

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