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Getting started with Flashnode

1. Defining Business Processes

The first step is to have a discussion to clarify what you want to achieve with the integration and how you should run your process in the exact combination of systems you are using. 

Every system combination has different possibilities and limitations which the process needs to be defined around. In some cases, the best process may not be technically possible which may require compromises in either process of selected software. We are here to help you with this. 

After this, we are able to give an accurate non-binding estimate on pricing and delivery schedule which you need to approve by filling our Order Form. With this done, we are able to proceed to next, more labour-intensive steps. 

2. Preparing your systems

In order to be able to support your selected best practise business processes, the systems you are using need to be configured in a very specific way.

The preparation might include collecting API keys, setting up internal data processing, matching product codes (SKUs) or many other steps. But don't worry, we'll walk you through this or, in some cases, might ask for authorization to do these ourselves. 

3. Setting up the integration

After all desired processes have been defined and systems prepared, it's finally time to dive into setting up the integrations themselves. 

This is done completely on our side while you focus on your core business. Sometimes it can even be done during the preparation meeting to avoid spending time on unnecessary meetings or steps. 

4. Launch and Quality assurance

This is where the magic becomes real. All the integrations are taken live from preparation and data flows become active. 

To make sure the goals and requirements defined in the first step are met, we'll monitor the data flows for any errors, mistakes or logic bugs. Only after everything has been running smoothly for a while, we'll sign this off to production.


Running business processes can be complicated. And so the integrations required. Our methodology enables you to start getting the benefits of Best Practise Business Processes supported by a professional with no risk. 

After the first step, the basics of the integration should be already clearly defined. However, if during the steps 2-4, it's found out that the defined setup cannot be delivered with the planned package, the package (and matching pricing) can be modified accordingly with your approval. 

Should the costs rise significantly from the Estimate in Step 1, you are free to cancel the Order at will. The risk of wasted time is on us. So why wait?

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