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Accounting and ERP integrations

Turn accounting into profit

Accounting goes beyond mere numbers. It is a broad theme consisting of several parts, such as entering information, analyzing information, and keeping up to date with forms and filings. Fortunately, however, a big part of these can be automated in a smart way. 

With integrations, you are one step closer to real-time economy and cost-efficiency. For example, these tasks can be completed automatically:

  • Creating new sales entries/invoices
  • Creating new customers
  • Assign ledger accounts 
  • Match payments
Anette Gustafsson

Never will I have to manually enter 80 invoices a day again! Flashnode’s solution helped us get rid of manual work, as now our invoices are generated automatically.

- Anette Gustafsson, Logistic coordinator, FinnFlame

Mia Puuska

The entire sales cycle is now faster, as integration takes the new products automatically online from our ERP-software.

- Mia Puuska, Operative director, Hockey Heaven

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Automated data processing

You as an accountant, your accountant or you as an entrepreneur have at least one thing incommon: You don't want to waste anybody's time and money by doing something that can be automated.

When data from eCommerce platform, POS system or CRM solution is synced automatically to your bookkeeping/accounting, you can free up time to be used to analyse the data and draw valuable conclusion how the business is doing.

Real-time economy

Automated transferring of customer, order, invoice & payment status data does not only allow you to work more efficiently, but it also gives you to opportunity to use the data better and faster.

The whole accounting business is transforming from receipt handling to financial advising. Integrations make this possible. 

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