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Accounting goes beyond mere numbers. It is a broad theme consisting of several parts, such as entering information, analyzing information, and keeping up to date with forms and filings. Fortunately, however, a big part of these can be automated in a smart way. 

With integrations, you are one step closer to real-time economy and cost-efficiency. For example, these tasks can be completed automatically:

  • Creating new sales entries/invoices
  • Creating new customers
  • Assign ledger accounts 
  • Match payments


These systems are already a part of the ecosystem of compatible solutions:

What our customers say

Anette Gustafsson

Never will I have to manually enter 80 invoices a day again! Flashnode’s solution helped us get rid of manual work, as now our invoices are generated automatically.

- Anette Gustafsson, Logistic coordinator, FinnFlame

Mia Puuska

The entire sales cycle is now faster, as integration takes the new products automatically online from our ERP-software.

- Mia Puuska, Operative director, Hockey Heaven

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Taloushallintoliitto - Flashnode accounting and ERP integrationsNot only do we help you to take advantage of modern integrations as a service, but we also cooperate with experts in your industry.

In Finland, we are a partner of the Accounting Union (Taloushallintoliitto TAL).

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