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In B2B, all contacts, customers, opportunities, and deals are usually managed within a CRM system. These tools allow companies to keep an eye on the general picture and track the progress of single deals or stakeholders. With our CRM integrations, you get a holistic overview of your business. 

The common tasks that are automated through CRM integrations are:

  • Transferring contacts or customers from CRM to accounting/invoicing
  • Transferring deals/sales information from CRM to accounting/invoicing
  • Transferring invoice status updates from accounting to CRM.


These CRM solutions belong already to the ecosystem of compatible solutions:

What other companies say about Flashnode


For us, integrations are a must. We need to have up-to-date information in our apps to react faster and do more accurate estimations.

- Heidi Kuusava, Finances and HR director, Finlandia Hall

Mia Puuska

We used to run our invoicing through Excel, which caused a lot of extra work and harm – especially for our salesmen. With Flashnode, invoicing now runs smoothly, anyone can take care of it, and there are considerably fewer errors.

- Maija Tillander, Rema Partners

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To ensure that the automation really brings the desired results, we cooperate with the leading CRM software developers and CRM users. 

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