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Running a store is on its own a full-time job. On top of that, keeping up with all the reports and filings can be exhausting. Fortunately, some of the repetitive tasks can be automated. So you have more time for the tasks that really drive your business.

The most popular POS integrations handle these tasks:

  • Moving orders/transactions to accounting 
  • Matching stock balances between systems
  • Daily/monthly sales reports from POS to accounting
  • Matching credit card payments to transactions


These POS systems are already a part of the ecosystem of compatible solutions

What our customers say

Anette Gustafsson

Ennen saatoin näpytellä 80 laskua päivässä käsin! Integraation avulla näpyttelytyö jäi pois, nyt annan vain käskyn: ”laskuta”.

- Anette Gustafsson, Logistic coordinator, FinnFlame

Mia Puuska

Automatisoinnin avulla olemme tehostaneet nykyisten resurssien käyttöä huomattavasti ja onnistuneet silti tekemään huimaa kasvua.  Samalla on päästy eroon ylimääräisestä, turhasta käsityöstä.

- Mia Puuska, Liiketoimintajohtaja , Kiekkobussi

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Automating repetitive tasks not only takes away dull work, but it also cuts a lot of costs. We are happy to help you to add more efficiency to your business. We make data transfers simple for you.

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