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Sync your orders and you will always be up-to-date with your sales - and so does your accountant. When customer is placing an order, product lines and basic data about the customer is transferred. It allows you to send bills successfully without additional clicking.

Elisa POS Orders import

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Stock Balance

Sync your stock balances and you and your customer will always be up-to-date what there is at the store. Our integration makes your inventory automatically, so you don't have to. With automatically updated inventory you avoid overselling and unhappy customers and save your time.

Elisa POS Stock Balance export

WooCommerce Stock Balance import


Product integration saves your time from tapping and reduces errors in the critical datas such as prices, VAT, numberseries and stuff. Similar data between apps makes it easier to manage and are premise to other integrations to succeed.

Elisa POS Products export

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