Retail & Restaurant integrations

What should retailers focus on automating?

Sales transactions, daily reports, products, prices, stock balances... Keeping up with everything can cause a major headache if you haven't automated the necessary tasks.

At Flashnode, we've been working closely with retailers and POS system developers to find the best and most efficient ways to automate repetitive tasks for you. This way, you have more time to focus on things that really matter – saving your time, and ultimately, your money.

If you're still handling your daily grind manually, then we should really have a serious talk about how to do automation right.

Exporting daily reports and importing them to other systems

For integration, this is a piece of cake. Data is automatically exported from the retail/POS system, converted to correct format and pushed to the target system (usually accounting). Voilà.

Matching stock balances between two systems

If sales are done in multiple locations or being shipped, it is crucial to have reliable inventory information available. Integration grabs the stock balances from the master system and updates the other systems to match the data.

Updating prices manually in one system based on the other

Having two different prices for one product can cause confusion. It's a situation which can be easily avoided when an integration is active: it ensures that the correct price is updated to all systems at all times.

Entering customer or sales order information to your accounting system

Entering information that exists in one system again to other systems doesn't really make much sense. Especially, as the integration can do that for you.

Your trusted integration partner, Flashnode

Solutions for your business

For your local store or restaurant

Together with our customers, we have modelled the most effective ways to add efficiency to your local store, restaurant, or bar. This experience has put us in a position where we can truly help you!

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For chain restaurants or stores

Our pre-defined integrations are flexible and can be customized to your specific requirements. However, we've already modelled the usual needs of chain restaurants and stores so we'll know where to start.

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Say goodbye to manual work

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