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Retail & Multichannel integrations

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What should retailers focus on automating?

Sales transactions, daily reports, products, prices, stock balances... Keeping up with everything can cause a major headache if you haven't automated the necessary tasks.

If you're still handling your daily grind manually, we should have a serious talk about how to add automation to your business.

Mia Puuska

No more errors and manual work because of entering data manually - the integration takes care that our inventory and products are always up-to-date.

- Mia Puuska, HockeyHeaven

Ville Kukkonen

To me it’s crucial that our company is cost-effective. I don’t want to hire extra people because our softwares are too difficult or painful to use. Thanks to Flashnode, I don't need to worry about this.

- Ville Kukkonen, Sales Director, Sadex Oy

Automation made easy! Cut off unnecessary manual work.

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Matching stock balances between the systems

If sales are done in multiple locations or being shipped from different warehouses, it is crucial to have reliable inventory information available. Integration grabs the stock balances from the main system and updates the other systems to match the data.

Exporting daily reports and importing them to other systems

For integration, this is a piece of cake. Data is automatically exported from the retail/POS system, converted to the correct format and pushed to the target system (usually accounting). Voilà.

Updating prices and product information

Having two different prices and names for one product can cause big confusion - A situation that can be easily avoided with some automation. Our integrations make sure that correct prices, descriptions etc. are updated to all systems at all times.

Entering customer or sales order information to your accounting/CRM

Entering information that exists in one system again to other systems doesn't really make much sense. Especially, as the integration can do that for you. The integration takes the customer & order information from the source and enters the information to the other system for you.

Basics of integrations

The best way to get forwards is to book a free discussion with our experts, but if you want to read some further material first, this free guide is great place to start.

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Say goodbye to manual work

Stop wasting time with repetitive tasks and let automation work for you. Get started now!

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