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Flashnode - The perfect integrations partner

Your passion is to develop and to offer a great solution that has all the right features and functionalities that help your customer to succeed. Fantastic!

But it's no secret that integrations are rarely in a core business focus. Fortunately, at Flashnode, we live and breathe integrations. And we want to offer these integrations to software vendors around the globe. So that you'll have more time to develop the solutions you love.

An ecosystem of compatible software

The Flashnode ecosystem consists of many solutions and applications that are compatible with each other. As soon as an app becomes compatible with Flashnode, it is also compatible with all the other apps available in the ecosystem.

software ecosystem


the earth, globe

Flashnode partners get more

Our success is built on your success. Let us help you prosper!

Together, we can do anything

Success is achieved by working together. We've prepared the right tools, materials, training, guides, and campaigns which we can use together to gain the maximum of our cooperation.

Better service

With us, you can offer your customers better and more comprehensive service.


We'll be promoting you along with the integrations. Increased reach and sales for both you and us. Perfect!

Sales & customer support

If your team or your customers have any questions about integrations, we'll be there for you.



Visibility at flashnode.com
Your own landing page & promotions of compatible ecosystem apps.
Your own landing page & promotions of compatible ecosystem apps.
Marketing tools
Marketing materials for you to be used in your marketing actions.
Set of marketing materials to be used in your own and in our mutual actions. Including cheat sheets, images...
Resource pool full of marketing materials to be used in your own and our mutual marketing actions. Cheat sheets, images, survey templates...
Feel free to use them
Free Guidebooks for your clients.
Rebranded for you
Rebranded guidebooks to match your target group.
Created for you
Specialised and rebranded guidebooks to match your clients' wishes.
Support you when you're promoting the ecosystem to your customers.
Blog promotion, newsletter & social media...
Blog articles, Newsletters, Social Media, Paid Campaigns... Let's rock it!
Flashnode logo usage
It's cool after we've tested everything.
Sure, green light from us.
Definitely! Place it everywhere.
Sales & marketing planning
Rough plan for the running year about potentials and actions.
Quarterly planning about potentials and upcoming actions & campaigns.
Monthly planning sessions about potentials and upcoming actions & campaigns.
Materials only
Ask us what you should tell your customers about integrations!
Training program related to the products, sales and marketing
Individual training program related to mutual products, sales arguments and marketing.
Joined webinars to your organization and customers.
Joined webinars to your organization and customers.
Available. Let's talk when we get here!


We take what you got
Steady flow
Constant flow
Ecosystem fee
free slots available
free slots available
free slots available
Your interface fees
lose these
not welcome
better without

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