Integrations really shouldn’t
be that hard!

We think all of us should get to focus on what we love the most: to simply doing our thing.

Integrations shouldn't b that hard!

There had to be a better way..

The founders of Flashnode – Jani, Tomi and Lennu – were buddies and passionate entrepreneurs from Finland.

Before Flashnode was founded our group was helping online vendors with their web shop projects. The most tedious thing we were always facing were the integrations. We found ourselves building the same integrations again and again, even though we just finished with the same thing the previous day.

We got frustrated with integration projects, so Flashnode was founded.


Flashnode is the easy and accessible way of connecting your favorite softwares. Now, each fellow entrepreneur can stop doing things that just take time and nerves and instead, they get to focus on their thing!

Meet the team

Kimmo Juntunen

Master of Products
+358 45 2603 700

Tomi Räsänen

Co-Founder / Chief of Sales & Marketing Officer
+49 163 716 7767

Hendrik Wistuba

+358 44 7767 827

Jani Karhunen

Biz Dev
+358 44 7767 828

Jarmo Myllyvirta

+358 44 3774 663

Aleksi Kallio

+358 44 7767 833

Ram Banstola

+358 40 7771 079

Olli Korhonen

+358 50 331 7350

Mikko Puhakka

+358 50 3538 501


Lennu Keinänen

CEO & Co-founder
+358 44 7767 827

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