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Flashnode team and story


When frustration is channelled right

Flashnode was founded in 2014 as a spin-off of Servia Finland Oy, a company specialised in online projects and integrations. The team and the founding members of Servia (and Flashnode) were fed up with the complexity of their day-to-day integration projects. "There has to be a better way. Let's find it!" This was the team's leading thought that propelled them to develop a platform to handle integrations in a considerably easier and more flexible way.

Our team set clear principles:

  • Building integrations must be made more simple
  • Programming everything from scratch is not an option
  • Integrations must be made more affordable
  • Buying integrations cannot be rocket science
  • Updates and version control must be mastered

Get involved

We're constantly looking for the best team players and superheroes to join our team. Check out our vacancies or send an open application to hellocareer@flashnode.com

Maria Knuutinen

Customer Success Manager

+358 34 1091 116

Minna Masalin

Customer Success Manager

+358 50 5500486

Aleksanteri Störmberg


Toni Kauppinen


+358 40 192 4790
Meet with Toni

Ville Viljanmaa


+358 40 7293342

Tomi Räsänen

CMO & Partnerships

+49 163 716 7767
Meeting with Tomi

Aleksi Kallio


+358 44 7767 833

Viljami Vastamäki



Antti Seppä



Team player with skills

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