Flashnode team and story

When frustration is channelled right

Flashnode was founded in 2014 as a spin-off of Servia Finland Oy, a company specialised in online projects and integrations. The team and the founding members of Servia (and Flashnode) were fed up with the complexity of their day-to-day integration projects. "There has to be a better way. Let's find it!" This was the team's leading thought that propelled them to develop a platform to handle integrations in a considerably easier and more flexible way.

Our team set clear principles:

  • Building integrations must be made more simple
  • Programming everything from scratch is not an option
  • Integrations must be made more affordable
  • Buying integrations cannot be rocket science
  • Updates and version control must be mastered


Strategy & vision

"Flashnode is the best transactional business process integrator in the world." This may sound like a bold statement, but we're making sure it's also 100% true.

Get involved

We're constantly looking for the best team players and superheroes to join our team. Check out our vacancies or send an open application to hellocareer@flashnode.com


Kimmo Juntunen

Account Executive,

+358 45 2603 700
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Tomi Räsänen

Marketing & Partnerships,

+49 163 716 7767
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Jani Karhunen

Biz Dev, Partnerships,

+358 44 7767 828

Lennu Keinänen


+358 44 7767 827
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Tiina Koivu


+358 50 573 2555
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Mikko Puhakka

Customer Care & Support

+44 20 3966 4073

Hendrik Wistuba


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Aleksi Kallio

Development team lead

+358 44 7767 833

Jarmo Myllyvirta

Sr. Developer

Ram Banstola


Maria Knuutinen

Customer Care & Support

Anne Heinonen

Content Manager

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