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Sometimes it's nice to hear the opinions of others. On this page you can find the extensive list of customer feedback, we received. 

Case Nordic Business Forum - Flashnode helped the business scale while growing

By integrating your systems the performance, effectiveness and margin of your organization will improve.

Flashnode integrated CRM, accounting and eCommerce software for Nordic Business Forum. With automation they don't have to take care of Excels anymore: they let the automation do the routine work faster and error-free.

Anette Gustafsson

We wanted to start with "light integration" that could be easily expanded if needed. Flashnode fits perfectly for us as it provides simple connections that can be easily set up when needed.

- Anette Gustafsson, FinnFlame

Ville Kukkonen

We've been able to enhance our customer experience simply by automating the invoicing of eCommerce sales. It also saves tons of our time on weekly basis.

- Ville Kukkonen, Sales Director, Sadex Oy

At Hockey Heaven, they play wholeheartedly

Jari Puuska, the founder of Kiekkobussi/Hockey Heaven fell in love with ice hockey as a kid. He already had another hobby besides the actual sport - he bought hockey sticks from his friends and sold them further at the side of the field. It was the beginning of the idea of Hockey Heaven.  Now they own prosperous a brick-and-mortar store and a webshop.

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Heidi Kuusava

Now it's possible for us to follow and report our items of expenditure on a transaction level.

- Heidi Kuusava, Head of Finance and HR, Finlandia Hall

Mia Puuska

No more errors and manual work because of entering data manually - the integration takes care that our inventory and products are always up-to-date.

- Mia Puuska, HockeyHeaven

Karlo Koskitanner

The integration makes sure that our orders are forwarded automatically without us having to follow up them.

- Karlo Koskitanner, Mukama

Satu Grönroos

Generating invoices manually used to take a ridiculous amount of time. Now that our invoicing is automated, it's much more efficient and less error-prone.

- Satu Grönroos, Spotvision

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