Flashnode and SageOne 
wish you a Merry Christmas

to your eCommerce & Accounting related tasks through automation. Activate ”auto-pilot” before Christmas!

Cut off unnecessary manual work to save time

  • eg. entering/copy-pasting customer/order information
  • updating stock balances manually

Automate accounting related tasks to save money

  • eg. booking the ledger accounts automatically for all sales
  • have sales orders statuses automatically right

Partners involved

  • SageOne
  • Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, MyCashflow
  • Erply, Shopify POS




What is included

  •  Transfer of orders from eCommerce platforms Shopify, WooCommerce &
    Magento (1.x) to Sage One
  • Transfer or orders from POS platforms Shopify POS & Erply to Sage One
  • Setting the status of the new sales orders according to status in eCommerce
    store/POS system
  • Booking of the orders to defined ledger accounts
  • Assisted start with free consulting

Campaign conditions

The offer is valid to contracts signed until 24.12.2017. Activation of the chosen integrations can be also later. The offer does not include customizations or changes to the integrations outside the standard delivery. A normal contract is made with a notice about the 30 days free trial with cancellation policy. After the 30 days trial, the contract becomes binding with normal price (49 EUR/month) for the next 12 months, if not cancelled during the trial period.

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